This story is set 1000 years before the Pokemon we see. I know it should probably be more, but I don't care.

Every circle must have a beginning
by Leto

"Isn't it beautiful."

A young married couple sat on an outcrop of rocks and gazed at the sparkling sunset ocean which lay lapping at their feet.


They watched as two Omanyte squirted water at each other, playfully.

"They look happy."


"What are you thinking?"

The man was watching the Omanyte with a strange look in his eyes.

"I was just thinking... they're small, but they have a lot of strength in them."

"I think everyone does."

The two sat there for a long time, just enjoying each other's company, and watching the Omanyte do the same, blissfully unaware of the humans so close to them.

Presently, the man stood up.

"I'm going to catch one."

His wife caught his arm. "Oh, don't. It's cruel. Besides, it's getting late. Why don't we go home instead."

He shook her hand off. "Don't talk back, it's an unfitting quality in a wife."

She didn't argue, just asked "Why do you want to catch one?"

"They shoot water at each other easily, and with a lot of force."


"If I could train one, I could help it become stronger, and use that power to my advantage."

Whoever heard of catching Pokemon for your own use before? His wife wondered it but said nothing. It would have been better if she had.

She didn't say anything, just watched as her husband picked up a large stone and threw it at one of the Omanyte, injuring it. The ocean rippled as blood flowed around it.

"Nyyyto!" shrieked its partner, but of course the humans didn't understand.

It meant a bad beginning.

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